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Web Design, Development, Online Strategy.


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New online magazine dedicated to "the Italian vibes, excellence and places in their most refined expression".
Speeding up the journey to a sustainable future. From winning Elon Musk's Hyperloop competition to developing a full-scale transportation system.
An amazing team of young watch experts who decided to turn their passion for the world of horology into the most popular watch magazine in Italy.

My Works.

Some of the most relevant projects I have worked on. 

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About me.

Hello, my name is Emanuele Salonico, I’m a web designer & developer currently based in Munich, Germany.

I currently work with international clients on digital projects, while studying Management and Technology (B.Sc. TUM-BWL) at the Technical University of Munich.

Right now I am pursuing my bachelor degree in TUM-BWL, a program composed of 70% of economic/managerial subjects and the remaining 30% of computer engineering.

Originally from Rome, Italy, I developed a passion for web design and the digital world from a very young age, allowing me to witness the evolution of the internet and learn how to build websites, even before investing in a professional career.

Since 2019, I am part of the Business Team of TUM Hyperloop, a student project that is bringing to reality the concept of Hyperloop transportation.