International Body Music Minifest 2020

The International Body Music Festival takes place once a year in a different country all around the world. This year, 8 international renowned performers will fly to Rome to offer participants 4 days of exciting classes, workshop and live performances!

For this project, I decided to go for a comprehensive one-page website with a well defined structure and strategic call to actions. Users are meant to undertake a well-defined path from the moment they land on the main page to the moment they reserve a spot in order to maximize conversions and, at the same time, share the most relevant information to the user in a light and interactive way.

It was very interesting to collaborate with many international body music performers who could bring their expertise and passion to the table.

For this project, we made a huge team work and integrated everyone’s ideas into a unique and uniform website.

The website is currently available in both in Italian and English. In addition to the main landing page, I have also developed a custom reservation system to allow international guests to reserve a spot by paying online and accessing the latest updates from their custom user interface.