Se Perdre Dans Rome

Se Perdre Dans Rome is Vittorio’s tour agency operating in the city of Rome. Thanks to his talent and his passion for art, Vittorio could position himself among the top-rated French tour guides of Rome. See how we expanded his business together from offline to online.
  • Creation of website with custom article publishing functions, publishing of tours and 3 different syncing languages (French, English, Italian).
  • SEO optimization for French blog.
  • Google Ads for promotion of tours (see below).

  • Peak ROI: 1200%

The main challenge was to promote Vittorio’s guided tours of Rome within the market of French tourists. We used his extraordinary reviews and his solid writing skills as a leverage point for new customers.

After setting up the website, we optimized it for conversions, making it oriented to selling the visits but at the same time informative and pleasurable to scroll through.

Once we completed this initial phase, we moved on to online advertising (Google Ads): this is where we acquired 90% of the contacts, resulting in around 7% of the website visitors ending up buying a guided tour of Rome. 

During high holiday seasons, we were able to reach a ROI of 1200% with direct tour bookings of visitors coming from Google Ads!